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Introduction of Shot Scope in Golf

Shot Scope is basically a wristband which helps you in tracking your golf game. Using this amazing wearable, even an amateur golfer is going to see a marked difference and improvement in his game. You will be able to enjoy your game without any interruption because this incredible device collects data of each round of golf you play without disturbing you, allowing you to focus on your game.

Before you can start using Shot Scope, you will have to insert unique tags into the grip of each of your clubs first. The Club Sense technology is so powerful that it will detect the club you are using for playing golf and will begin recording game data. Shot Scope tracks your position on the golf course by using the GPS technology. This device is capable of finding pin positions too. Moreover, with the Shot Scope, you can keep an eye on the distance and accuracy of your shots by pinpointing the location of the shots.

All your data will be synchronized over Bluetooth and you can view it up later on your Smartphone or tablet. See, how simple it is. With the Shot Scope on your wrist, there is no need for you to manually keep a record of your stats.

Another advantage that Shot Scope offers for golfers is that it has made it quite simple to assess your strengths and weaknesses. A player dashboard is available to you for analyzing your performance and to see where you need improvement. You can view and analyze over 100 statistics to focus on different areas of the game and can also use these stats to compete with other golf players.

The Shot Scope will go on sale from April, 2016. If you pre-order this wristband then you can get it or a reduced price for only $200 but after April, its price will surely rise. So don’t waste time and pre-order your Shot Scope before April 2016 to get it for a discounted price.

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