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Vaughn Taylor’s First Win After 11 Long Years

It is quite funny that while some people tend to do sports in order to be physically active, golf offers players the card of relaxation and de-stressing. Many thought of it as a very relaxing game with a high fashion, but golf actually requires a great deal of effort. Imagine yourself being under the sun for too long, trying to hit a perfect putt. Yes, you have sun visor and sunscreen to protect you, but the great deal of effort in making tricky and difficult putts still counts. In fact, many players have decided to take a leap in another hobby and only a few remain.

Vaughn-TaylorVaughn Taylor is among those who stick to the game and strive real hard to win. His effort actually paid off after his first win in over 11 years! This man got some serious grit and patience. A lot of golf fans were a little bit shocked by his performance, even Taylor himself can’t believe what’s happening stating “I can’t believe I’m sitting here right now.”

It was pure luck that Taylor got in at the Pebble Beach. He went there as an alternate and eventually got in when Carl Peterson backed out. What’s even more interesting to hear is that he got a mild case of stomach flu in Columbia where he was supposed to play. He first decided to flew back home in Georgia when he did a sudden decision to drop by Monterey instead all because it was cheaper.

Taylor ranked at 447th in the world ranking, but it recently notched up to 100th after he won the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. It was his first PGA Tour win since he began playing last August 2005. It was also his first win in a non-alternate event.

Phil Mickelson

Prior to his win, one of the biggest narratives and talk of the town at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am event was about how Phil Mickelson needed a win for he had not won a trophy since the British Open in 2013. Then, there came along Vaughn Taylor who had not won for almost 11 years.

Taylor proved that he is the one who needed to win, who needed to have that trophy that he hadn’t had for 11 long years. He birdied four holes straight on the back nine with his attempt to bury a difficult left-to-right putt at the par 4 sixteenth hole. He was seen pumping his fists and clearly overjoyed after he successfully made the putt. He referred to it as the best putt in his entire life.

Taylor then credited his beautiful wife- Leot, thanking her for keeping him going even in his darkest times. Taylor was on the verge of crying while he referred to his wife and son as his rock. “It’s all for them.” he stated.

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